Thursday, 12 October 2017

Brext "No Deal" debacle continues.

It seems the knioves are out for chancellor Phillips Hammond over his "revelation" that planes may not be able to fly over or into Europe come the day of Brexit.

Actually not a revellation: he didn't make a statement, but an acceptence to a question put to him.

But EU Referendum has been blogging about this and other minutiae that will clog up the arteries of free trade the day after Brexit. That is, unless the two parties understand the issue and work together on a solution.

As it is, there is no sign from the EU side that there is any will to negotiate. Barnier is hamstrug and following his orders from the EU27 to the letter. He uis refusing to talk trade terms without developing the exit terms and our "exit bill" first. It's all about the money.

We've already in their eyes attained "third country" status and they are happy to dictate terms to us and make us capitulate just like they do with countries in Africa and Asia.

Except we are different than those countries: we do a vast amount of trade with the EU. Yes, thanks to frictionless borders, the trade flows pretty well. They do a lot more trade with us than we do with them. They have more to lose by ignoring the relalities of Brexit.

I can imagine the quese of containers of food spoiling at the docks on the way out of Europe as the beaurocratic border checker hold up the export of trade by making sure the t's are crossed and the i's are dittedwill not be looked on well by the traders within the EU. BMW and Mercedes will not be happy that their cars are held away from their intended market.

Quiet rightly if we symied inbound trade on our side, then that would be an issue for the WTO or some similar body to persue, but I'm talking about the EU itself imposing friction on outbound trade. It could be interesting within the EU as citizens and companies start to protest about export issues.

In the meantime, we'll quite happily replace EU imports from somewhere else in the world, side-stepping the EU. Initially under WTO rules but then under more formal trade agreements.

If the hiatus continues, BMW and Mercedes will simply make the cars for the UK market in non-EU countries and ship them here.

There may be a 6 week period of turmoil because that's how long it takes for containers to move from one side of the world to the other, but by hook or by crook, the trade will flow.

From the EU or not. Their call.

Friday, 6 October 2017

UK Politics in Paralysis

It seems to be dawning on politicians of all sides the enormity of Brexit.

Like a Rabbit caught in the headlights of a 40-tonne lorry our political leaders have found out that at some point they will actually have to govern the country rather than leave it on autopilot and rely on laws that atomatically implement EU dictats.

Stunned into paralysis, there has been lots of well, nothing coming out of the various party conferences. Forget the Lib-Dems, they probably represent 5% of the counrty's voters these days. The word is irrelevant.

Labour's party conference was a swathe of communist whimsy brought to the UK. Like we've just voted to leave the EUSSR, we don't want MORE fucking totalitarianism, nationalisation or any more government.

We want less, more affordable government thank you.

And Labour; ignoring Brexit does not look clever, it just shows you as perplexed by it as the Tories. Go on, just shove it under the carpet. Just like your Anti-Semitic problem.

Which is where we get onto the Tories. Again, consumed by Brexit and with no real leadership to speak of, there was nothing at their conference that merited any confidence in their ability to govern sucessfully.

The housing crisis is approching melt down. The Grenfell Tower fire highlighted the issue in London, but across the country house prices are close to becoming unsustainable.

The Help to Buy Scheme has admittedly helped first time buyers get on the housing ladder, but it has actually made the problem worse by helping to inflate house prices. By helping people buy houses with less deposit, more buyers are available and therefore demand is higher, inflating prices. God know what sort of catastrophe awaits those buyers on minimal deposits and huge house prices.

If interest rates rise (as they are sure to do) we will find huge numbers of people defaulting on mortages and huge numbers of houses lying empty because they will be unaffordable. The first to fall will be those on the HTB scheme, those just about affording to pay off mortgages at 0.5% interest rates. Will they be able to afford interest rates of 2%, 5% or more? There will be no social housing to house these displaced people. We will have vast numbers of homeless families on the streets. Families, not just single people, whole families. Thousands of families.

Just think of the drain on the public finances of that lot, not to mention the disaffection they would have for the ruling classes. A veritable breeding ground for revolutionary and extremist ideology.

Government (of all creeds and colours) needs to get a grip on housing and get a grip now. I understand that whichever party gets in, supplying vast numbers of new houses will be an unpopular move with householders, those in the suburbs and those on the edges of green belt land. In effect Tory voters.

But Labour have a lot to lose if they build lots of houses and start to lower house prices.

There needs to be legislation keeping this new housing stock outside private hands. That way, the housing stock resides with the government and that way the price of the house is immaterial. It doesn't affect private house prices and only affects the rental income of buy-to-let landlords as rents come down. Luckily the buy-to-let market isn't huge enough to be political dynamite and most landlords these days seem to be foreign investors cashing in on high UK rents. i.e. not UK voters.

Anyone that wants to own a house is welcome to buy vastly inflated private housing if they want to, but will not be allowed to buy new social housing stock.

The only downside is sorting out management of this new housing stock. Many councils have sold ALL their social housing to housing associations. The best bet would be to keep the new housing away from councils. Their mis-managment of original council housing caused the crisis back in the Eighties.

No, a new agency needs to be formed with powers over planning etc. so that they can get the job done. They will have a remit to produce AFFORDABLE, LIVEABLE and LONG-LASTING housing.

No tin prefabs or unit-construction knock-ups here. No shoeboxes either. It's criminal how small houses that builders claim to be homes are these days.

These days there is the knowledge, ability and technology to build sustainable, repairable, economic and totally liveable housing, so why not do it?

The Tories started the mess, it's only right they clear it up isn't it?

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Insanity of UK Politics.

Everyone that is aware of politics in the UK has the same feeling, that there is something wrong, something broken with our Politicians and Political system.

I believe it's more than broken, I believe UK politics is insane.

How else other than insanity can you explain the Tories refusing to engage in proper dialogue with the EU on Brexit? How else do you explain the refusal of many politicians to accept the democratic will of the people and conspire against Brexit, whilst still calling themselves democrats?

How else do you explain Labour's refusal to accept that public finances were hugely saddled by poor PPI deals under a Labour government, but now insist "it was the Tories that done it"? How do you explain their insistence that they are not anti-Semitic, while at the same time vilifying the Jews? How do you explain Labour's plans for re-nationalisation by stealing companies back at a price they say is market price, but is well below market price?

I know it's not just me that see's the insanity of Politics. When someone argues essentially that black is white, just because the other side say white is black with no reference to the truth, then that's insanity.

When people vote for the same parties, with the same outcome (nothing good for the ordinary voter), that's insanity. When Policing is no longer Policing, but tax collection, that's insanity. When the armed forces have been reduced while at the same time fighting tough wars, that's insanity. Paying people who are working benefits because companies refuse to pay proper wages and when those benefits become a major drag on government finances, that's insanity.

When the government of the day say they are balancing the books, but run up more national debt, that's insanity.

Oh how I crave for the days of sane government. Of politicians exacting the will of the people for the good of the people. A government that knows the truth and admits it, rather than their version of the truth.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Labour Commit Political Suicide.

Last night the vast majority of Labour MPs voted against the European Union (Withdrawl) Bill, in direct conflict with the wishes of the majority of the population (who voted to leave the EU), in direct conflict with the Majority of Northern normally Labour-supporting voters who also voted to leave the EU and in direct conflict with the actual process of leaving the EU.

Had they one iota of gumption about them they would have realised that the powers they were complaining about were actually conferred on the unelected EU, exactly the issue that prompted voters (myself included) to vote to leave the EU.

At least the bill confers powers onto elected officials we can vote out of office, rather than the unelected beaurocrats of Brussels.

Where were the majority of Labour MPs when Tony Blair promoted the European Constitution? Where were they when Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty? Lining up to applaud, exactly in polar opposition to their sentiments last night.

It seems the Labour will do away with the will of the people just for the sake of damaging their opponents.

It seems the Labour Party will vote against the will of the people in order to fight their internal squabbles.

It is clear the Labour party will vote against the will of their own supporters in order to further both of the above.

Above all it is clear that the leaders of the labour party would rather destroy the party itself than do what their voters demand of them.

Anyone who votes Labour any any further elections, with the current leadership in place should very seriously reconsider their vote. The Labour party does not support the will of the people, they do not suport democracy and only those MPs that voted to support movement towards Brexit should be supported by labour voters at the next election.

It's time the Chealsea socialists, the posh-Trots and the loony left of Liverpool get a bloody nose and some bloody sense knocked into the party that supposedly supports the workers of this country.

I would hope that the huge Labour vote against the Brexit Bill last night signals the death of the party of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Milliband and Jeremy Corbyn. All of those Labour leaders who to a man have not put the faithful Labour voter first.

The Need for a New Political Party Grows...

....but not the party the Elite want us to have.

There is much noise about at the moment regarding a New Political party. Depending on your sources the new party could come from the left or the right, not that those labels mean anything anymore and haven't for years.

The main political parties serve global corporate masters. Even Jeremy Corbyn's pseudo-trot New/Old/Red Labour party. How many times has Jeremy been off-message from his own party, for the party to release a statement to "clarify" what he actual meant even if he didn't actually say it.

UKIP was severely castrated after the referendum win because it lost it reason for existence. Nigel Farage is a shrewd political player and saw the light and jumped ship.

But where does that leave the conservative with a small c, low-tax, pro-Brexit, anti-immigration, anti-corporate exploitation working class voter these days?

Certainly not the Liberal Democrats. Their policies are not for the working man. More the Metropolitan middle class, which is why their vote is so low.

Not with UKIP any more. UKIP are a busted flush. After the referendum they had the chance to take advantage of the win and the pro-Brexit voter base in the North and then use that to re-brand the party to move to become the working man's political advocate. Instead they imploded badly. Now there is a very high risk of them becoming a banner for the far right rather than the moderate middle.

Labour have done a slow-motion version of the UKIP thing. Sticking Jeremy Corbyn into the lead role, as some ancient Trot, amiable old duffer leader reminds me of the Michael Foot days, but Corbyn is less disastrous because there's a gullible young generation that haven't experienced a gullible fool backed by corporate masters. The Labour party is no longer the party to promote the working class, not since the polished sheen of the Tony Blair days. Their paymasters the Unions are no longer the working class advocates they once were.  Very much big corporations these days, parasitically leaching off the worker. More like insurance companies these days. A Labour party that looks down on the working class, who constantly does down the country's ideals is not for me.
High-tax, high-spend, high wastage and little political talent, the Labour cabinet would we run rings round by the more savvy players in the Elite.

Then we come to the Conservatives, which haven't really promoted the working class since the 80's. 'Nuff said.

So, back to the question; just where does a working class bloke that is struggling to pay his bills, is pretty pissed off with the excesses of major corporations at the worker's expense, who wants big corporations to pay the proper rate of tax so he can pay less tax himself, who wants a government that actually works, does things and doesn't go through the motions, who wants the government and other institutions to promote the UK rather than do it down, who wants restrictions on corporate lobbyists, who wants decent wages and the abolition of the obscenity that is in-work-benefits, who just wants a party that promotes his interest lay his hat?

Nowhere yet it seems. Hopefully there will be a realisation that a new party is necessary and one appears with the attributes I can vote for. Sadly I think there isn't a wealthy philanthropist out there willing to back a party to the tune it needs to succeed and neither can enough working people band together so supply the funds to make a successful party either.

Monday, 21 August 2017

What is Going on with US Warships?

Yet another US warship has been collided with, this time the USS John McCain.

In June it was the USS Fitzgerald.

It seems that watch keeping duties on both ships (and the others that have been collided with this year alone) were sadly lacking.

Considering that these are modern warships, with effective radar, a surplus of power to get out of tight situations and highly agile, it seems the weakest link is the human one.

However, look further and the question you have to ask is why are these ships getting so close to each other anyway? Modern shipping lanes have traffic separation schemes and there are pretty universal rules for the movements of ships at sea. If the ships do get close, again there are pretty clear rules that come into play. Everyone on watch on a ship's bridge should be well aware of their responsibilities as a watch, their responsibilities to their ship and their crew and finally to other mariners. Any movements that go against established rules are agreed in advance over VHF radio so that the commanders of both ships are aware.

With Radar and modern communications, even low visibility, even nighttime is not a factor. But with all that I mention above, the ships should not be in a position where a tanker ploughs into the side of a warship.

Someone, somewhere is sadly lacking. Possibly the lack of staff on the bridge of the tanker, almost certainly poor watchkeeping aboard the warship where the bridge crew should be fully staffed. Sadly a number of American sailors had to pay with their lives.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I'd say that these big ships are deliberately being driven at American warships to see how quickly they react and how they react.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Terror Attacks and the Link to "Operation Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan

On the news in the past fortnight is a foiled Islamic terror attack in Australia and numbers of people killed in Islamic terror attacks in Spain.

Now you may think the two countries are unrelated, but if you look at the list of countries that have contributed men and materiel to Operation Enduring Freedom, they are right there on the list.

I've said before there is more to these attacks than meets the eye and the only way to solve them is to identify the source of the funding and the ideology that puts these people into the mindset that killing civillians is okay.

I very much doubt that some nutjob looks on Wikipedia and decides unilaterally to start operations against all the countries that contributed to operations in Afghanistan. It's got to be someone with a close personal link to that country and has suffered as a direct consequence of those actions. It's also someone rich enough to provide or with links to others that can provide funds to bankroll the terror networks in each country.

So by way proving a theory, I'm putting up the list of countries involved with operation enduring freedom and you can see which countries especially smaller ones have been victims of terror attacks in recent years.

Okay, some countries are unstable and terror attacks started before we got involved in Afghanistan, but it makes uncanny reading as you go through.For instance Sweden, normally quite neutral and passive in terms of warmongering, has suffered Islamic attacks recently.

It also outlines the idiocy of taking in so-called migrants from the areas where we are fighting the self-same people. How is it we're fighting insurgents in Afghanistan but at the self same time taking in Afghani "migrants" who could well be those self-same insurgents we're fighting in their home country.

None of the policy surrounding Islamic terror makes any modicum of sense whatsoever. One the one hand we are occupying a country in an attempt to prevent terror from being exported from that country, but we're allowing the very same people into our countries as migrants from a war we created and who could be the people laying IEDs for our troops over there....

And the liberals and far left actively denounce anyone that points out this stupidity....

Anyway, here's the list of countries involved in Afghanistan:
1 Afghanistan                                       
2 Australia                                           
5 Bangladesh                                        
7 Belgium                                             
8 Bosnia and Herzegovina                    
9 Canada                                              
10 People's Republic of China              
12 Cyprus                                              
13 Czech Republic                                  
15 Egypt                                               
17 France                                               
19 Germany                                           
20 Greece                                              
22 India                                                 
23 Iran                                                  
25 Italy                                                  
34 Netherlands                                       
36 Norway                                             
38 Pakistan                                           
59 Uzbekistan
60 Finland

Finland is out of sequence because it isn't on the list of countries participating in Op Enduring Freedom, but because of the stabbings this weekend I checked and yep... their military has operated in Afghanistan, so they've been tagged onto the end.